Chisel & Shaker

Welcome to the World of ice

Chisel & Shaker offers a comprehensive range of innovative ice creations & creative cocktail solutions for individuals, institutions, & industries.  We bring the best in global trends to Hampton Roads, helping you elevate your event through our unique products & professional services.

we offer...

for your...

+ bespoke ice sculptures & beverage luges

+ artisan ice cubes & spheres

+ cocktail catering & consultation

+ party or event

+ wedding or anniversary

+ restaurant or business

Meet the Team...

+ Matt Jones - Proprietor                                                                                                                 

        Matt arrived in Hampton Roads in 2010 & has been working in local fine dining since 2014. 

        He is a trained bartender, experienced server, & up-&-coming ice sculptor.  His cocktails have

        delighted drinkers at CoVa Cocktail Parties sponsored by Coastal Virginia Magazine & his

        concoctions, enhanced by Chisel & Shaker's own crystal clear ice cubes & spheres, are

        regularly on the menu in the renowned cocktail bar at Fin Seafood.


+ Joel Jones - Owner

        Joel has been a Hampton Roads physician & foodie since 2014.  He has trained in ice

        sculpting with Aaron Costic, owner of Elegant Ice Creations near Cleveland, Ohio & is

        currently perfecting his chiseling techniques on bottle stands, luges, bars, & general



+ Robert Gregory - Consultant

        An award-winning mixologist, Robert has been working in Hampton Roads restaurants

        since his teens.  At Fin Seafood in Newport News, he is known as "sort of a mad scientist"

        whose creations feature behind the bar most Mixology Mondays.  Robert regularly

        competes in cocktail competitions & consults for local distilleries.


+ Gillian Tappenden - Head Carver

Award winning Ice carver from Lansing, MI, Gillian started ice carving during her years as a culinary arts student at Oakland Community College where she was recruited onto the college's competition team. Under the training and guidance of her Coach's Doug Ganhs and Clinton Rich, Gillian went on to claim first and second place trophies for numerous individual and team competitions in the mid Michigan and Ohio areas over the next three years. Gillian now carves with Chisel & Shaker in hopes to keep the exciting realm of ice in the Virginia areas.