Chisel & Shaker

575-494-4177           12529 Warwick Blvd, Newport News 23606

Welcome to the World of ice

Chisel & Shaker offers a comprehensive range of innovative ice creations & creative cocktail solutions for individuals, institutions, & industries.  We bring the best in global trends to Hampton Roads, helping you elevate your event through our unique products & professional services.

we offer...

for your...

+ bespoke ice sculptures & beverage luges

+ artisan ice cubes & spheres

+ cocktail catering & consultation

+ party or event

+ wedding or anniversary

+ restaurant or business

Meet the Team...

+ Matt Jones - Proprietor                                                                                                                 

        Matt arrived in Hampton Roads in 2010 & has been working in local fine dining since 2014. 

        He is a trained bartender, experienced server, & up-&-coming ice sculptor.  His cocktails have

        delighted drinkers at CoVa Cocktail Parties sponsored by Coastal Virginia Magazine & his

        concoctions, enhanced by Chisel & Shaker's own crystal clear ice cubes & spheres, are

        regularly on the menu in the renowned cocktail bar at Fin Seafood.


+ Joel Jones - Owner

        Joel has been a Hampton Roads physician & foodie since 2014.  He has trained in ice

        sculpting with Aaron Costic, owner of Elegant Ice Creations near Cleveland, Ohio & is

        currently perfecting his chiseling techniques on bottle stands, luges, bars, & general



+ Robert Gregory - Consultant

        An award-winning mixologist, Robert has been working in Hampton Roads restaurants

        since his teens.  At Fin Seafood in Newport News, he is known as "sort of a mad scientist"

        whose creations feature behind the bar most Mixology Mondays.  Robert regularly

        competes in cocktail competitions & consults for local distilleries.


+ Grace Godwin - Consultant

        Grace has been involved in arts marketing for more than twenty years & she is now excited    

        turn her attention to promoting artistically-chilled festive & intoxicating beverages (safely &

        responsibly!) in her adopted home of coastal Virginia.